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"Coach Giblin and ACE Pitching has had a tremendous impact on me and the player I am today. To me, he is a friend and a mentor before he is a coach. He gets to know his players on a personal level because he genuinely cares about them. That is what makes his input on pitching so effective to guys trying to unlock their highest potential. A coach can have all the gadgets and gizmos, but if he isn't in it for the players like Coach Giblin is, you won't learn half as much. Not to mention he has helped me gain and sustain my velocity in a SAFE way over the past 3 years and I've never felt better."

Jared Lyons (George Mason University)


"ACE Pitching & Arm Care has provided the support, guidance, and tools for me to succeed. Chris Giblin is dedicated to develop baseball "players," into athletes. His devotion to providing the tools to succeed is unmatched. Coach Giblin and the staff's knowledge of mechanics, velocity training, weightlifting, and recovery allows players to advance and improve expeditiously. Personally, I have been training with Chris since 2014 and credit three years of division one baseball and two MLB draft selections to his support and drive to see his players succeed. ACE Pitching & Arm Care is the top pitching baseball facility in Northern Virginia where players work hard, support each other and strive to become the best athletes in the area, leading to endless opportunities to play baseball at any level."

Jamie Sara (William & Mary/Philadelphia Phillies)


"Ace Pitching & Arm Care and the leadership and mentorship of Chris Giblin provides an environment that makes players want to push each other to train and compete. The facility has the cutting edge technology and equipment that can be found in any major league organization.  The amount of players that train at Ace Pitching & Arm Care from the younger ranks, through college, and up into professional baseball speaks for itself.  Chris has been a great coach and mentor for me whether I am training in his facility or texting him from a road series about pitch design at 1 o’clock in the morning.  Coach Giblin has an individual relationship with each of his players that shows from the amount of time and thought he puts into each person’s individualized training program.  You won’t find another coach that cares more about the health and success of his players."

John Cerretani (Sacred Heart University)


"My son has taken pitching lessons from Chris for 3 years and would never have received his college baseball scholarship without Chris’ guidance and training.  Chris is a terrific pitching coach and has been responsible for my son’s substantial development as a pitcher through four years of high school.   

More importantly, however, Chris has been a mentor and role model for my son to help him develop and grow as a person.  As strong as Chris’ pitching coach skills are, his people skills are even stronger. 

In short, Chris has been a primary force behind my son’s high school athletic and character development, and I cannot recommend Chris highly enough as both a pitching coach and a person."

Lori Rulapaugh (Parent to a D1 player)


Coach Giblin is a pitching guru. He made my conversion from outfielder to pitcher a breeze. He was able to increase my velocity 3mph in 1 session.  His attention to detail and ability to connect with athletes makes him an elite coach. He's one of the best in the business."

Joe Pace (University of Michigan)


"After struggling during my first half of the summer, I began going to ACE Pitching & Arm Care. Giblin worked with me constantly to help me perfect my craft and I will be forever grateful. After a tiring workout I would spend the rest of my days at the facility just enjoying the culture that Coach Giblin has built."

Jarrad DeLarso (University of Richmond)


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Billy Lescher (UPenn/Detroit Tigers)


"Giblin is the right guy developing arms and preparing them for the next level. His knowledge of pitching and ability of teaching guys the right movements are what separate him."

Keegan Foge (University of North Alabama)


"Ace Pitching is a prime example of “you get out what you put in.” At Ace Pitching you learn how to maximize your entire body in the pitching delivery. Coach Giblin’s knowledge on biomechanics helped me make changes in my delivery to increase velocity, but more importantly, take stress off my arm. His knowledge on pitcher specific weight training, arm care, and pitch development has helped me to become a better athlete and to translate it onto the mound. Coach Giblin is a great mentor because he is open-minded and puts ego aside in order to make sure his players improve."

Patrick Halligan (George Mason University)


"Coach Giblin really knows what he's talking about, whether it's about lower half mechanics, arm action or blending all your pitches. He really has a feel for how to help out each pitcher as an individual. He was also the first coach to show me a proper arm care routine and the right way to strengthen my arm pre and post throwing.""

Seth Marano (University of Toledo/Lansing CC)